Why does my Chrome browser crash on Macintosh?

If your Chrome browser crashed when you printed from, please try the following steps to resolve the issue:


Disable add-ons or plugins that you do not use or need.

  • Please type the following in the address bar chrome://plugins and tap enter or return key on your keyboard.


  • Select the plugins you wish to disable.
  • Click Disable to deactivate the plugin.
  • If you are intending to print our coupons, please do NOT remove our Coupons Inc., Coupon Printer which is required for printing. Make sure this plugin is set to Always allowed.
  • Close the plugin window.
  • Exit the browser and relaunch.
  • Go back to the site and try printing a coupon.

Disable any unnecessary preset start-up programs.

Set your startup programs to minimal. Multiple programs that run quietly in the background when you first login to your machine can create slow performance and may crash your system.
Please check the following:

  • Go to System Preferences.


  • Select the Users & Groups.


  • Select the user and go to Login Items.
  • Click the minus icon to remove any programs you don't want to start automatically.
  • Please make a note of which programs you uncheck in case you need to add them back later.


  • Then go to MacHD\Library\StartupItems.


  • Check if the programs listed are necessary. Otherwise, this folder should be empty.

Reduce the number of browser sessions or tabs opened at the same time.

Set your Chrome browser sessions to minimal, one or two at the same time. Multiple browser sessions when launching your web browser can create slowness then eventually may crash your browser.

  • Select the Window menu. The number of sessions opened will appear at the bottom indicated by the red box in the image below. There should only be one or two listings.
  • Click the red circle on the left of your browser page to close any extra sessions.
  • Then click the ‘X’ to close any extra tabs opened.


These steps are to help manage the preset tabs or sessions.

  • Under the Chrome menu, go to Preferences.


  • Under Settings, go to On startup.
  • Select Open the New Tab page.


  • Exit the browser and relaunch.
  • Go back to the site and try printing a coupon.

Check for Chrome browser and/or system update or patches. If possible, use a different browser or update your browser to the latest version.

You may download the latest version of the browser from the links below:

Safari Safari       Firefox Firefox     Chrome Chrome

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