Is my wireless printer compatible with printing from App? is a free app for Android and Apple mobile devices available from the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android). The coupon section of the app looks like our web site.

In order to print our coupons directly from a mobile device you will need a mobile device like an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone with data and text messaging plan, and a compatible wireless printer. When the software detects your wireless printer you will have 2 options in the mobile app after you clip the coupon:

Option 1: Print

Option 2: Email

NOTE: if it flashes as if it is printing and does not, please provide the make and model of your wireless printer for further troubleshooting.


Select Print to print directly from your mobile device.

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Select your printer and click Print.

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If you do not have a wireless printer that is compatible and appears in the list, the following options are available to you for printing:

Option 1: Use one of our mobile apps to select and email coupons to your email account, then open the email on a regular desktop or laptop computer.

Option 2: Visit our site to print coupons using a standard Windows or Macintosh computer to print our coupons to any brand printer.

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