Why is the Manufacturer Coupon text not appearing on my printed coupon?

If you print a coupon and the “Manufacturer Coupon” text is not showing, and all you see is a black field such as this example below, please try the following:


1. Check your ink level or flow. Excessive or perhaps low ink flow will run over the text area.

2. Use good or high-quality paper. Poor quality paper absorbs more ink and can result to flow over the text.

3. Clean the printer head. If you have a Nozzle Check or Head Cleaning option, run it.

4. Consider updating your printer driver software. Visit the printer manufacturer website and get the latest software update for your printer model and series.

5. Uninstall the current Coupon Printer in your machine and re-install with the latest Coupon Printer. Check that your default printer settings are set correctly.

6. If possible, use a different browser or update your browser to its latest version. You may download the latest version of the browser from the links below:


          Internet Explorer Internet Explorer    Firefox Firefox    Chrome Chrome


          Safari Safari               Firefox Firefox            Chrome Chrome

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