How do I reset my Internet Explorer browser on Windows?

If your web browser often crashes, stops working the way it used to, or you experience any problem viewing or navigating a website, you may need to reset your browser to its default state.

Internet Explorer

  • Click the Tools menu and Internet Options.

  • Click the Advanced tab.

  • Click the Reset button.

You will see a screen appear showing you what the reset will do. You are setting the browser to its install defaults; this will remove your browsing site history, bookmarks for sites you saved, your home page if you changed it, saved passwords for sites you log in to, etc.

Note: To preserve your favorites, please see instructions here on how to export your data before resetting the Internet Explorer browser.

  • You will want to check the box Delete personal settings.

  • Click the Reset button.

  • Exit Internet Explorer.

  • Open Internet Explorer.

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